Qikstay© Personalized Guest Engagement Portal

“Build Loyalty while delivering unique experiences”


Guests are able to accumulate and redeem points during the booking process if they become a loyalty member


Guest can communicate with the hotel through the Qikstay guest portal


Guest can upload pictures of their stay and share them with family and friends from the Qikstay guest portal


Guests are able to plan their trip itinerary and plan their calendar for before and during their stay.

Engage Your Guest

With the hotel industry being people-based, the best way to nurture a good relationship with customers is by interacting with them directly, not via a third-party booking agent.
  • Engage with your Guest via QikStay© by interacting with them prior and also during their stay through the personalized QikStay© Guest Engagement Portal.

  • Engage guests to sign up and login with QikStay© guest portal using their own devices. Having point accumulation and redemption allows for strong incentive for the guest to continue to stay at your hotel thus giving you a long-term engagement strategy.

Empower Your Guest

QikStay© empowers Guests to manage their own user profiles, plan their own itineraries before and during their stay, manage past, current and future bookings and allow for trip sharing with their friends and family.
  • All of which can be done using the guests’ own device – making it easy and hassle-free, thereby empowering Guests

Enhance Your Guest Experience

QikPad© allows you to meet and greet guest where and when they want to be checked in or out via an apple ipad.
  • One of the biggest benefits of QikStay© guest portal messaging tools is their ability to help personalize guest experience. Following a booking, a hotel can contact a guest via the QikStay© platform they’re most engaged with to ask for pre-stay details and preferences.

  • Through real-time guest engagement via QikStay© , issues can then be swiftly handled before they escalate into major complaints. Even if they can’t be resolved in the moment, acknowledging the problem and offering a quick solution can make all the difference to a customer’s overall perception of service quality.

  • QikStay© guest portal allows guests to provide feedback throughout their stay to ensure however small dissatisfaction is handled carefully and immediately.

How can QikStay© Help you

Builds loyalty

  • An option can be added to the primary website for a guest to join the QikStay© loyalty program and its benefits. The guest is immediately added to the membership once they sign up

  • Each time a guest stays at the hotel their point total increases. Since guests can make a reservation using points as a method of payment there is a strong incentive for the guest to continue to stay at your hotel

Empowers guest to manage their own profile

  • QikStay© empowers guests to login to the portal and manage their own profiles. This allows your staff to focus on more productive tasks. Personal details such as address, telephone number, email, etc. will be updated for present and future reservations automatically without staff intervention

Hotel can boost up your revenue

  • QikStay© empower guests to view hotel promotions and book them immediately via the same portal

  • QikStay© also helps you to increase revenue to other channels of your business by promoting amenities, restaurants, events, activities and more. When a guest is informed about a special event in the hotel or around the city, it can encourage the guest to book a room reservation immediately with your hotel

A Slick Service

  • Constantly monitoring requests over multiple channels isn’t just time-consuming. When internal systems are fragmented, it’s inevitable that guest requests will sometimes slip through the net. But with a single tool in place, there’s far less chance of this happening

  • If a guest makes a request over the phone, SMS or any other digital channel, a member of staff can log this in QikStay© Messaging module and instantly message another department or individual to make sure it’s dealt with quickly

  • When a new staff member starts his shift, he can review all conversations in one place and that is the QikStay© Messaging module. As well as instantly getting up to speed on any issues. This eliminates forgotten messages or messages that are not passed along

Marketing Strategy

  • QikStay© Portal has trip sharing that allows guests to upload pictures and share their trip with their family and friends thus boosting your hotel by way of guest experience. This form of marketing is free and done out of goodwill from your guest and thus building good review and loyalty

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