Qikconfirm© Guest Engagement Tool

“Connecting with Your Guest before, during and after stay”


Responsive email templates that can be accessed from any platforms be it desktop, mobile or tablets


Entice your guest to book directly with you by including unique discounts, promo code on future bookings


Gathering instant feedback from the guest after their stay whether it is a TripAdvisor Ranking or from an internal survey


Thanks to upsells, tours, restaurant, and SPA treatment reservation

Engage Your Guest

  • Guest engagement begins by interacting with your guest before, during and after their stay.

  • Email is one of the most powerful and least expensive marketing tools available and has been fully incorporated into the core of QikRes©

  • QikConfirm© comes with a selection of beautifully designed HTML mobile friendly templates you can select from. QikConfirm© customizable templates comes with e-mail capabilities including confirmations, guest surveys, promo codes, discount and more.

Empower Your Guest

  • QikConfirm© empowers your guests with the flexibility to customize their booking by offering room upgrades, book airport transfer, spa treatment or even make dinner reservations in Pre-Arrival templates.

  • QikConfirm© empowers hotel guest to make the next reservation with your hotel using discount code and promo codes shown in the thank you letter post departure.

Enhance Your Guest Experience

  • QikConfirm© allows you to communicate with your guest directly building a relationship prior to them coming to the hotel with a pre-stay message. Your guests will be even more excited about coming to your hotel.

  • QikConfirm© allows you to communicate with your guests before, during and after stay, hence creating a unique experience with your guest. This will start your relationship off on the right foot.

  • QikConfirm© allows your guest to discover your hotel routes, hotel policy, room upgrades and cancellation reminders.

  • QikConfirm© enhances your guest stay by letting them know about any local festivals going on or nearby tourist attraction by offering them tourist guide or rent car etc. resulting in up surging your revenue.

  • QikConfirm© uses tools provided in QikRes© to allow you to engage with the guest pre and post

How can QikConfirm© help you

Professional HTML designed templates

  • QikConfirm© helps you to create unique and responsive HTML templates with graphics embedded into the email body making it attractive

  • The HTML templates allow graphics to be embedded into the body of the HTML email making it attractive

  • Personalize the fonts, colors, and layout to show your hotels branding while maintaining each of your properties and destination uniquely

  • QikConfirm© has multiple professional email templates for various purposes e.g. confirmation letter, pre-arrivals, thank you letter, birthday greetings, promotions etc. that you can set up for various purposes.

  • Templates can be created in multiple languages under a single template content

  • For personalized messages with guest and booking details, you can add any of the predefined parameters such as guest name, booking period etc

Include rating & reviews URLs

  • You can include a survey or feedback link in the Thank You template that can be sent automatically to the guest after departure for guests to voice their opinion immediately

  • Their feedback can help appease grievances as soon as possible thus improving service and staff appraisal

Include hyperlinks

  • QikConfirm© allows you to add your social media links, website links, referral program links, sign up links for loyalty program to your email template to introduce your guest to your website and its features

  • This is to attract today’s tech savvy guests to take control and make better choices in their future reservations.

Attach authorization forms

  • QikConfirm© templates allows you to attach the credit card pre-authorization to collect guest credit card details for payment pre-authorization for hotels who did not sign up with a payment gateway

  • This is to ensure guaranteed bookings

Minimizing the effect of spam filters and junk mail folder

  • Increase the rate of opened email by including information inside the body of email instead of an attachment so that your content has a better chance of reaching your guest

Automated rules for sending

  • You can choose when the types of email messages to be automatically sent in relation to the time of booking creation to send out confirmation letter or departures to send out the thank you letters and pre-arrival will be a few days prior before guests’ arrivals etc

  • You can send emails with different content depending on the context meaning if it is other distribution channels you might want to entice them to book directly on your website using promo codes for their next reservation to get a better deal.

Opt to send manual for PMS reservations

  • You can always opt to send the confirmation letter manually for PMS reservations if you are required to modify the contents before sending

  • You can also send the email to more than one email address using the standard template created

  • Any email that are incorrect can be edited and resent to the correct corresponding email address

  • Option to save as draft and send later or send at real time after updating is entirely up to the staff. This is extremely essential for rate benefit for various status of bookings can be changed within the UI itself

A marketing tools

  • QikConfirm© helps you to increase revenue to other channels of your business by including advertising for amenities, restaurants, events, activities and more

  • Allows you to insert promotional banners of hotels offers at the email footer that can be changed easily

  • Centralized guest profiles are automatically created whenever a booking is made across your managed properties, this allows you to quickly identify who your guests are and what their preferences are so that you may customize marketing and offers more effectively

Email log

  • QikConfirm© keeps a log of all emails sent out according to their status and remarks for record purposes

  • You can use this log in case the copy of the sent template gets deleted from your email or the guest claims that they didn’t receive the email for the staff to further act on it

Include policy and terms & condition

  • QikConfirm© allows you to keep your guest informed on your hotel policy in confirmation letters

  • Allows you to add your payment and cancellation policies to your templates to cover you in any scenarios

  • Caters for showing different policies for different rates according to which rate the guest has booked

Improve Staff Productivity

  • Generating great content over and over again can be difficult. Reusing back the same template and making minor changes will mean your staff will spend less time on menial repetitive tasks and more time on more productive tasks

  • The QikConfirm© system allows for ease of operations for the Reservations staff by automatically selecting different formats for confirmation and cancellations without any staff intervention

  • Using the same template staff can just change the promotion banner to suit the requirements and save valuable time

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