Qikpad© Hospitality at your Fingertips

“A more personalized and modern check in check out experience”


Achieve better service, efficiently and faster service


Hotels can operate efficiently whilst reducing environment impact with no more printing for registration card and guest folios


A more welcoming approach rather than a feeling of a transaction as the front desk can now socialize with the guest


Data entry accuracy reduces handwritten message interpretation

Engage Your Guest

QikPad© allows you to Engage with your Guest by allowing them to self-check-in and check-out via the iPad application, without the need of going through the hassle of front desk queues and unnecessary waiting time.
  • Front desk or concierge can now come out from behind the front desk to socialize and interact with guests,and that makes the arrival feel less like a transaction and much more like a welcoming experience.

  • With QikPad© the procedures are smoother and require fewer keystrokes than with the traditional desktop application allowing you to engage with your guests more. With QikPad© the information is all in one screen and to confirm that information is accurate the hotelier just hands over the ipad to the guest to show the guest.

Empower Your Guest

QikPad© empowers guests to key-in their own personal details on the iPad during registration (name, address, tel no, email and etc) which are then captured and seamlessly interface to your Property Management System.
  • QikPad© empowers your guest to check out from the hotel’s lobbies, VIP lounges, shops, restaurant or even from their own rooms

  • The front desk function may still be performed when and where your guest requires providing a level of service that is ahead of competition

  • Every check-in is unique and you can empower your guest to choose the option that is most comfortable for them personally

Enhance Your Guest Experience

QikPad© allows you to meet and greet guest where and when they want to be checked in or out via an apple ipad.
  • No long queues as QikPad© streamlines the process of registering large groups thus group arrival or departure will be very fast

  • QikPad© a simple customer facing touch screen allows guest to perform all the functions of a wired front desk terminal anywhere a wireless signal is available

  • QikPad© allows you to exceed service levels and increase productivity by giving the guest the gift of time by providing the flexibility in how they check in or check out with your hotel

How can QikPad© help you

Seamless integration

  • The iPads includes a custom app called QikPad© that connects to the hotel’s back-end property management system

  • When guest keys in their personal details and clicks on the check in button the status and details are updated to the PMS systems in real time

Easy to use

  • Hardware and software are easy to use and hoteliers require minimum training

Automatic synchronization

  • QikPad© will automatically synchronize the arrivals and departure list for the day onto the iPad's memory and subsequently do this on a periodic basis

  • Any changes to the reservations records, new reservations, etc can be updated accordingly according to the timing set in the scheduler settings

Integrated online concierge functionality

  • QikPad© has concierge capabilities where it is able to provide directions to places of interest, restaurants, shopping malls, etc

  • Thus minimizing the need for checking the availability of information on the web but providing better and faster guest service from the current location of the guest

Data entry accuracy

  • Guests will be able to key in their names, phone numbers, email, address and NRIC/passport details, during check in that will be captured and updated to the PMS system accurately according to what was keyed in

  • Mistakes are prevented especially when reading handwritten notes

Speedier check in and check out

  • QikPad© provides Guests with the luxury of check in and check out using the application anywhere in the hotel

  • This indeed minimizes waiting time and prevent front desk queues, thereby enhancing Guest experience

Easy storage and retrieval

  • QikPad© feature allows hotels to store Guest registration cards and folios in PDF format for easy storage and retrieval if and when necessary and also for safekeeping – so there will be no lost documents within the QikPad© system

In-line with the green initiative (paperless concept)

  • You can continue to operate efficiently whilst reducing our environmental impact as you save on paper.

  • This significantly reduces paper usage since printing is stopped and retrieval of guest registration cards and folios are saved as a pdf within the QikPad© systems which requires the front office and finance team to login and access anywhere within the hotel network

  • You can email a copy of the folio to the guest as opposed to printing it

Automated or manual room assignment

  • You can set the room assignment to be automated or done manually by the front office staff

Image capture feature

  • QikPad© has a feature that allows you to capture your guest image or document capture eg NRIC/ Passport image from the ipad itself

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