QikRates© The Dynamic Rate Shopper Tool

“Rate Intelligence System the deciding factor for hotel rate reviews”


QikRates allows hotel to track competitor’s price at all time


More direct bookings reducing distribution channel commission because rate sold is lower


With data exports, alerts and future impact events you are able act faster


Smart room type classification enables you to identify competitive products and prices

Engage Your Guest

QikRates© allows hotels to act fast in identifying competitive products and prices.
  • This is because you want your guest to access your hotel’s availability and rates in real-time so that they can quickly plan and finalize their booking instantly on your hotel’s website.

Empower Your Guest

QikRates© allow hotels to ensure guests are empowered to book the right hotel room, at the right time, for the right price, via the right channel, with the best lowest price or best deal.
  • Guests always compare the rates and deals from surrounding hotels and also on distributed channels before deciding which one gives them a better deal or better rate with value added service.

  • QikRates© help hotels offer a range of sell options, best available rates, specials and promotions, empowering the guest a range of selections to make the right choice instantly.

Enhance Your Guest Experience

QikRates© help hotels better identify the right customers who can provide the greatest long-term value for the hotel’s future.
  • In order to identify these guests, hotels need to evaluate all guest spending activities and not just the room data – restaurant, bar and gift shop expenses can help properties get a clearer picture of a guest’s preferred activities and their overall value.

  • Hotels can also use this data to make better decisions regarding promotions and marketing campaigns.

How can QikRates© help you

Has interactive Graphing

  • QikRates© uses graphical data display for easy illustrations eg. the use of line charts

  • Days-out or arrival date graphs based on multiple hotels or sources

  • Tabular data grid is also provided

Identify regional sources

  • QikRates© helps you identify the leading sources based on locality around the world

No hardware required

  • QikRates© is a full cloud base system that can be access from QikRates© after signing up for this value added service

  • You can access it anywhere and anytime

Real time updates

  • Rate refreshing in QikRates© means you can check competitive rates as they are NOW, so you can make change decisions with confidence. Schedule refreshes when you want them

Easy to use filters

  • QikRates© features highly intuitive filters to let you choose different views and subjects

Choose your available sources

  • There are 5 sources available in QikRates© namely AGODA.COM, BOOKING.COM, EXPEDIA.COM, PRICELINE.COM and ORBITZ.COM

Smart Room Matching

  • Intelligent like-for-like rate plan and room matching

Get insights on hotel search sites

  • QikRates© allows you to gain some insight on how your hotel and competitors are performing on hotel search sites

Forecasting is applied

  • Advanced data-driven forecasting is applied to every future stay date in your QikRates© compset

Eliminating manual price comparison

  • QikRates© simple historical rate report view for change monitoring helps you make timely decisions and grow your bottom line

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