Qikdesk© Paperless Check-in and Check-out

“Mix traditional with digital Experiences”


Hotels can operate efficiently whilst reducing environment impact with no more printing for registration card and guest folios


Guest can engage in your promotions and offers that is displayed on the iPad slideshow while waiting for front desk to complete the check in or check out procedures


Guest can insert their email upon check out to receive the folio through email


Guest has the option to complete the survey anytime during their stay or upon checkout

Engage Your Guest

QikDesk© enhances your guest stay by displaying any promotion including advertising for amenities, restaurants, events, activities and more via the iPad resulting in an increase revenue to other channels of your business.
  • With QikDesk© , the information is all on one screen. And to confirm that information is accurate, the front desk staff just turns the ipad around to show the guest while engaging with the guest.

  • QikDesk© makes the arrival or departure feel less like a transaction and much more like a digital experience

Empower Your Guest

QiDesk© changed the traditional check-in and check-out process, allowing all information relating to guests’ reservations to be displayed on a mounted iPad at the hotel front desk.
  • Guests will check reservation details and sign on the iPad using a stylus, then receive guest folios electronically via their preferred email address.

Enhance Your Guest Experience

Mounted iPads have replaced the traditional printed forms during check-in and check-out.
  • The goal of QikDesk© is that it will provide a seamless and more efficient process for our guests.

  • Guests who use mobile emails are comfortable with the QikDesk© checkout process and with having a copy of their guest record immediately e-mailed to them.

How can QikDesk© help you

Electronic Filing

  • QikDesk© stores signed Registration Cards and guest Folios in Qikdesk system for easy retrieval

  • This prevents misplaced or loss of documents

  • Reduces significant paper usage

  • Easy access to signed Registration cards or Guest folios by login into QikDesk© system from within the hotel network

  • QikDesk© keeps track of any modification done to the reservation by storing a copy of the registration card with the modified changes made to the reservation. This helps hotels keep track of changes made and when

Easy to use

  • Hardware and software are easy to use and hoteliers require minimum training

Seamless integration

  • The iPads includes a custom app called QikDesk© that connects to the hotel’s back-end property management system through a wifi connection

  • QikDesk© is integrated to a growing list of Property Management Systems

  • All check in and check out functions and procedures are still managed from within the Property Management System except for printing of the Registration Card and Guest Folio is switched to the ipad.

Promotion and Information Opportunity

  • QikDesk© allows good marketing strategy as Guests are able to view promotions advertised on the iPad while waiting to be checked in or checked out

  • This will entice them to take advantage of the promotions during their stay thus increasing revenue

Take a Step further with Guest Surveys

  • QikDesk© allows guests to take surveys anytime during their stay or upon checkout via the iPad mounted on the front desk

  • This will help hotels improve and enhance Guest Experience

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