QikRes© booking engine

“Convert your lookers into bookers”


Engage your guests directly and build loyalty. Reduce OTA commission.


Sell non-room services like dining, spa, tours etc. right on your website.


Optimised on all devices and seamlessly blend with your Branding on your existing website.


Identify guests and their preferences to customize marketing and offers more effectively.

Engage Your Guests

Engagement begins at your website. Build relationships with your Guest instantly and start the Experience. Remember the Guest Journey is more than just a room!
  • QikRes© is a Customizable Web Booking Engine, optimized on all screens, that can be seamlessly blended with your Branding on your existing website.

  • Don’t have a website? QikRes© also comes with a selection of beautifully designed and customizable themes so that you can quickly craft your own Brand to start engaging with Your Guests directly.

Empower Your Guests

Make QikRes© the main interface between you and your guest and allow them to manage their Journey easily.
  • QikRes© allows your Guest to plan and manage their stay easily from any device.

  • QikRes© allow your guest to discover hotel facilities, amenities, dining at any time and any place.

  • QikRes© empowers guests the flexibility to customize their booking, by offering value added services during the booking process!

Enhance Your Guest Experience

Enhance your guests booking experience with QikRes© booking engine that provides all the information they need, all in with a simple and easy to use booking flow.
  • QikRes© allows you to communicate with your guests before and after stay, hence creating a unique experience which makes your guest feel like a privileged member of the hotel.

  • QikRes© allows guests to view room, or property, image and description as well as amenities and facilities presented in an easy-to-navigate layout to aid in making decisions quickly.

  • QikRes© offers a range of sell options, best available rates, specials and promotions, giving the guest a range of selections to make the right choice instantly.

  • QikRes© provides tools to allow you to engage with the guest pre and post stay.

How can QikRes© help you

Easy Content Management

  • Our easy interface allows anyone to quickly add, update and publish content to your own website and booking engine, keeping your website and booking engine up to date with minimal effort.

  • Inventory and rates are easily managed in one single location on your very own web-based login available anywhere, anytime online.

Maximize Direct Bookings

  • QikRes© allows you to sell your rooms and services the way you want to on your own terms.

  • With our customizable Add-Ons, you can offer additional services like food baskets, tours, spa services and airport transfers to your guests when they book directly.

  • Promote your non-room services allowing guests to directly book Dining Vouchers, Spa Treatments on your own website.

Seamless Integration

  • Our booking engine quickly and seamlessly integrates into your existing website; and can be fully customized to blend with whatever your styles may be.

  • We also integrate with a range of online secure payment options, so that guests can easily pay directly to you.

  • Bookings can now be seamlessly shipped directly to a growing list of PMS systems reducing any friction or delays in getting your bookings direct to you.

Improved Staff Productivity

  • With a single management platform for rates, inventory and bookings, your staff will spend less time managing your online bookings on multiple platforms for multiple properties, increasing productivity all with fewer clicks.

  • Our seamless integrations and automated bookings processing mean your staff will spend less time on menial repetitive tasks and more time on more productive tasks.

Centralized Guest Profiles

  • QikRes© automatically creates a guest profile whenever a booking is made across your managed properties, this allows you to quickly identify who your guests are and what are their preferences so that you may customize marketing and offers more effectively.

Build Loyalty

  • We offer an optional module that works with your centralized guest profiles to automatically reward guests with reward points every time they book directly with your property.

  • Points can be used on guests’ future bookings to redeem stay and services encouraging Brand loyalty.

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